Monday, January 31, 2011

Think out of the box !!!

29th January 2011 - Putrajaya

 that would be on the last sunday . yeah , seem like quite fun .
some of my housemate came to putrajaya in order to send "abang khairil" to his house . as putrajaya resident , i spent my time with them in putrajaya . i'm a little bit frustrated because at the evening they came , they're planning to went for a swimming but it is out of schedule . huhu .

aku punya la semangat pagi sabtu before balik putra uh , g beli seluar tight kat mydin . haha , last2 x jadi . mmg sad gilerr la .

for the night , we had our dinner at Bistro Chaiyo located in Bangi . i forgot to took the Bistro picture just pictures of us at the Bistro as memory .

after having dinner , we went for "karok" at alamanda . yeah , that were the most frustrated part because all the standard room are full . so we had to book for a small room which cost RM30 per hour  while we could get 30songs at Bintang, Shah Alam . seriously , it such a waste . as a friend , i just follow them to hang out together . Raz were not care about the amount because he is totally "sangap nk karok" on that time . haha . our housemate encourage him to participate in "MENTOR" audition la , his voice are quite nice . thats why la , hee .

for the next day , our plan was to had photo shooting at Putrajaya after i became a consultant on which area strategic for shooting but it also failed because Ispu and Khairil "tidur mati" on the planning day and Putrajaya raining from afternoon till night . so , nothing can we do for the whole day accept "lepaking" at "mamak berkembar" while watching badminton match between Chong Wei and Lin Dan.

Next time, i will arrange their schedule and compound will be given for those who fail to attend la .

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tips Putus kasih

ok , as what been promised before . this post is for all people yg patah hati . hahaha . (its also for me i think) .

bagi lelaki :
1) kau kacak ke tak kacak ke , kumpul duit banyak2 . (pompuan zaman sekarang suka begitu , kerana nak disisi selalu . kalau takde duit camne nak wat kn ?)

2) bg yg setia , i know it is too hard for you to forget bout her . hang out ngn rakan2 , makan byk2 , bykkan kwn pompuan eh (yg ni sebab , bila korg bosan confirm asyik teringat je . time couple henset asyik d tgn , break henset ntah ke mana)

3) don't ever2 stalk your ex acc like facebook , formspring ke , ape ke ( sampah je g stalk2 , sometime wat sakit hati)

The problem with guys: They make you believe they love when they don't The problem with girls: They make you believe they don't love you when they do.

dah abes dh tuk laki , hahaha . kalau yg pompuan nk minta nasihat sila la email aku eh . macam2 idea aku leh bagi . kehkehkeh~

please give me ideas !!!

kala bulan ditemani bintang ,
malam yang sunyi begitu indah ,
langit tak lagi gelap ,
hatiku tidak lagi gundah .

angin malam meniup tenang ,
lalang menari tatkala sang bayu datang ,
menjadi penghibur sang pelipur ,
jiwa yang membakar turut luntur .


ok, for the time being this topic just pop out from my mind . i also don't know why , i pretty sure that "i don't know" would always appear in every single post i publish . lets get to the main topic k .

 once upon a time in a long time ago , there is one man who is so hard to fall in love yet trying to find a girl who would be able to make he melt . his life are full of gloomy till this one day after he mingle around with his friends , there is a girl who caught his view . yeah , to be accurate that guy has fall in love  with the girl . bla bla bla bla .

hahaha , dah tuka topic la . malas lak mereka cite neh . pasal kenangan eh . bagi yg sedang bercinta uh , jaga la pasangan anda elok2 . setip detik yg diluang bersama adalah amat bermakna , hargai kenangan suka duka bersama kerana ia mengajar kita menjadi lebih dewasa . its for real !!!

dalam pahit ada manisnya , cuma cara kita mengawal keadaan itu yang berbeza . tapi ingat yang pahit itu janganlah sesekali buat kita mengalah , suatu hari nanti kita pasti akan menyesal . when that time arrive , there is no turning back . kenangan mampu mengubah personaliti seseorang , tiada siapa yang mampu memberi kita kenangan melainkan kita mencipta dan mencorak ia untuk menjadi indah . adat manusia la nak semuanya indahkan , hahaha .

"Love me or hate me, both are in my favors If you love me, I'll always be in your heart If you hate me, I'll always be in your mind." - William Shakespeare.

ok , now aku betul2 xde idea . muka bangun tdo neh . hahaha . next time aku sambung . post tips putus cinta lak eh , hahaha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

blogging for the first time

lets getting started with my worst english . i hope readers understand what i'm trying to say . well , this is the first day i'm starting to be a blogger . the idea come as i daydreaming to tell a story of my live . to share with others about my feeling and to remember the expression of my emotion as day by day . i think my story are quite boriiinnng because i really doesn't have any cheerful activities in my life . i might also put my past story once i had post it in social networking site called "speesh" . i really don't know why i want to be a blogger , i don't have any ideas , i don't have any story and most of all i can't attract people . OMG !! i must be insane about thiss . well , just keep reading and be my follower as you wish .

(p/s: please teach me how to blogging : find me on facebook , azril samsul bahri)