Sunday, January 23, 2011

blogging for the first time

lets getting started with my worst english . i hope readers understand what i'm trying to say . well , this is the first day i'm starting to be a blogger . the idea come as i daydreaming to tell a story of my live . to share with others about my feeling and to remember the expression of my emotion as day by day . i think my story are quite boriiinnng because i really doesn't have any cheerful activities in my life . i might also put my past story once i had post it in social networking site called "speesh" . i really don't know why i want to be a blogger , i don't have any ideas , i don't have any story and most of all i can't attract people . OMG !! i must be insane about thiss . well , just keep reading and be my follower as you wish .

(p/s: please teach me how to blogging : find me on facebook , azril samsul bahri)