Monday, January 31, 2011

29th January 2011 - Putrajaya

 that would be on the last sunday . yeah , seem like quite fun .
some of my housemate came to putrajaya in order to send "abang khairil" to his house . as putrajaya resident , i spent my time with them in putrajaya . i'm a little bit frustrated because at the evening they came , they're planning to went for a swimming but it is out of schedule . huhu .

aku punya la semangat pagi sabtu before balik putra uh , g beli seluar tight kat mydin . haha , last2 x jadi . mmg sad gilerr la .

for the night , we had our dinner at Bistro Chaiyo located in Bangi . i forgot to took the Bistro picture just pictures of us at the Bistro as memory .

after having dinner , we went for "karok" at alamanda . yeah , that were the most frustrated part because all the standard room are full . so we had to book for a small room which cost RM30 per hour  while we could get 30songs at Bintang, Shah Alam . seriously , it such a waste . as a friend , i just follow them to hang out together . Raz were not care about the amount because he is totally "sangap nk karok" on that time . haha . our housemate encourage him to participate in "MENTOR" audition la , his voice are quite nice . thats why la , hee .

for the next day , our plan was to had photo shooting at Putrajaya after i became a consultant on which area strategic for shooting but it also failed because Ispu and Khairil "tidur mati" on the planning day and Putrajaya raining from afternoon till night . so , nothing can we do for the whole day accept "lepaking" at "mamak berkembar" while watching badminton match between Chong Wei and Lin Dan.

Next time, i will arrange their schedule and compound will be given for those who fail to attend la .

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